Recipe 2: Simple Mushroom Pâté from The Vanilla Bean Blog


A-hoy-hoy (again).

This week’s Pinterest-ing comes from The Vanilla Bean Blog: Simple Mushroom Pâté.

I’ve always wanted to make a mushroom pâté, and was super excited to undertake this recipe! Because that meant I was going to get to eat it. And eating things is the only point to cooking things in my mind. If I didn’t get to pig out after cooking something, I think I would never cook anything. I would survive on Cheese-its and LaCroix, and be generally slovenly and unfortunate.

This was surprisingly easy, and so I have no idea why it took me so long to decide to make a mushroom pâté. The ingredient list was pretty simple; it did require me to purchase a bottle of dry sherry, so hopefully I can find another use for that. I also went rogue on one of the ingredients: the goat cheese. The shop I usually…um, shop…at didn’t have goat cheese or herbed goat cheese, so I just bought cream cheese with onion and chives.

I know, I’m a horrible monster. But since it’s noted in the blog that the original recipe used cream cheese, I’m only *kind of* a monster.


Come to think of it, I actually went rogue on 2 of the ingredients: I also messed with the mushrooms. You see, I already had half a pound of shitake mushrooms in my fridge that were staring me down and had nearly begun their inevitable decline into nastiness. So I used a ratio of 1/2 shitake mushrooms, 1/4 button mushrooms (like the recipe calls for), and 1/4 baby bellas (this one because I just can’t leave well enough alone). I thought this might give some more depth of flavor. That is, I’m told, a thing.


Washed ’em, chopped ’em, showed no mercy.



Pate4 Pate5 Pate6

Pate7 Pate8 Pate9

It made a TON of pâté, and the ingredients were on the cheap side.

Served it with saltines, and it was totally amazing. AMAZING!

I think this would be really good as a sandwich spread, or on bagels, baked potatoes, pizza… yummo!

Verdict: will definitely make again.


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